Friday, December 11, 2009

Girbaud Fashion House Ad

This advertisement shows a recreation of the religious picture of the Lord's Supper. Girbaud said they were simply depicting feminism by putting men in the position of fragility. However, one cannot deny the obvious similarities to the original picture. There just so happens to be a center person with six people on each side of him. This adds up to 12 which is how many disciples there were in the original picture. The Lord's Supper scene is where Jesus announced that one of them before him would betray him. It's ironic that one person in the picture has their back to the center person.


  1. Yeah, that is an interesting subliminal message. They are setting everything up just like the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. I think that this is a really good representation of how the media uses religion to its advantage. They take something meaningful and turn it into things and stuff. This is a really good add.

  2. I agree, they can't deny the obvious similarities to the original picture! They are are clearly lying, to avoid the controversy!